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- A Node game studio game -

update :

Because the game was made in a jam, i will not modify anything on the code until ratings are over but...
There was a lot of unsed assets so i cleaned things up and reduce the size of the file by half making it a bit easier to download :)

Notice :

Before all, I want to explain that this is my very first game ever.
I only have 6 month of game development experience and havn't really done anything so far.
So please, be gentle on me :)

The game is not finished but it should be playable. I didn't had much time to balance the combat mechanics so I hope its manageable.

Features :

- 2 separate world with procedural generation

- a pet system (procedural generation as well) with evolution system

- Gain experience, become stronger and defeat the evil spirit!

Note : 

If people enjoy the game, I will put more effort into it and make finish it.
If not... it was an amazing experience for me and I'm super proud of myself anyway so it does not really matter.

Help :

I planned to have some kind of explanations for the combat system but in the end its pretty standard rpg mechanics :

- attack do dammage
- defense apply shield which buffer damages (shield stay between fights)
- burn and poison stack up and do dammage at the end of the turn
- stun prevent you from playing a turn
- shield break stack like poison and remove x shield each turn

The dual mechanics :

- the pet heals the player, the player heal the pet
- The higher your lvl in one world, the higher the lvl of the monsters in the other world ( the monster generator use your lvl in the other world to generate its stats)

So if you takes too many lvls in one world, monsters in the other will crush you. My advice, especially at the beginning, each time you lvl up, switch to the other world to lvlup there as well.

Also you regen when you pass trough the sanctuary

The boss fight uses you spirit world stats, try to be at least lvl 15 to have a shot (and all your spells unlock and a nice mana pool)

Good luck!

Difficulties :

Where to start...

This is my first game... my first jam... my first so many things...
And to make it even funnier, I joined the jam a few days in so I only had 5 days to make that game... it was insane but so much fun.

I've lost a lot of time at the beginning thinking I had plenty... looking for asset and trying to make cool animations and stuff I had no knowledge about :
- Particles
- Tweens and animations
- all the switching of scenes mechanics
- combat AI
- skills and monster procedural generation
- audio
... and much more...

I lost almost a full day trying to understand how to make non glitchy collision... to give up and decide that my character will be a kind of ghost and therefore can go through stuff...

About the theme :

Yes... I know... duality, dreams and nightmares... I was getting much more into that but I didn't had enough time to make it as I liked.
The idea was to create many synergies between the real world and the spiritual world and make the boss a dream eating nightmare god!

There are still many dual mechanics in the game, the main one being that the more powerful you become in a world, the more powerful monsters become in the other one. 
So be careful how you lvl up.

Suggestion :

Choose a pet with high life point (30-35) and high attack (6)
With balanced skills (at least one attack and 1 stun)

Save the game after you choose your pet so you don't have to redo the intro

Thank you very much and enjoy the game

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Adventure
Tags2D, Procedural Generation, Roguelite


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