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 Dryland is an upcoming Role Playing Game that uses blockchain technology to offer a "play-to-earn" type of game. 

 In a 2d universe, you will be able to create and customize your character, do quests to accumulate resources and items.

 Then as soon as you have enough to afford yourself a boat, you will be able to go and explore uncharted oceans in search for undiscovered islands that you could claim and colonize. 

 Every item of the game will be a tradable NFT and you will be able to earn in-game cryptocurrency by fulfilling some actions, growing up your island settlement or playing in PVP arenas. 

 You can learn a lot more on the website : https://dryland-game.com 

 The game is still on a prototyping phase and nothing you see is final, but we decided to provide you with an evolving demo : 

01/11/2021 :

Demo prototype pre-alpha 6 : Procedural dungeons and world map

A part of the world map is now accessible.
The dungeon generator is working.
Few achievements have been added.
Controls can be configured

24-7-21 :
 Demo prototype pre-alpha 2 : Battle system 

You can now recruit mercenaries, build a team and go for a fight.
Discover a dozen skills and a single monster.

 17-6-21 : 
 Demo prototype pre-alpha 1 : Character creation and interactive FAQ 

In this first version of the demo, you will be able to play around with the character customization process. If you have questions about this game, we implemented an interactive FAQ in the demo, so you might find some answers there :) 

 Thank you for your interest, and please leave some comments :)


dryland-0.0.6.exe 843 MB

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